Stories I Hope Go Away In 2014

2013 was the year you didn't even have to be an avid news consumer to catch on to the fact that every news outlet wrote a series of the same damn stories, often multiple times each, throughout the year.

Here's a list of stories or hooks that I would be elated to never read again in 2014:

  • Why Miley/Beyoncé/someone with a vagina isn't really a feminist
  • Women having it all, not being able to have it all
  • The virtues of getting up early (Is it just me or is the hour I'm supposed to wake up getting earlier and earlier?)
  • Anything about millenials ever again
  • The benefits of taking time off (And that MUST include not being tethered to your iPhone.)
  • Someone's account of their day, week, month or year off of social media
  • How social media is ruining everything
  • Habits of highly successful people
  • Habits of very creative people
  • How blogging is dead - actually anything tech related being dead
  • [insert food item] Day!
  • Journalists waxing poetic about journalism - how it's dying, it's not dying, it's under appreciated, it's still appreciated
  • DC navel gazing (#ThisTown)
  • Navel-gazing in general

The list is not exhaustive and, as always, I reserve the right to change my mind. What stories are you tired of reading, friends?