Photo by  Matt Dunn

Photo by Matt Dunn

Alejandra has lived and worked in the District of Columbia for 15 years. An Arizona transplant, she's particularly picky about her Mexican food and still isn't used to DC humidity.

Alejandra is a tenacious and resourceful leader, having built her career throughout the shifting digital landscape she applies tried and tested judgment when identifying trends, developing solutions to achieve business objectives and building teams to execute high-quality work. An “intrapraneur,” she spent a decade supporting the nation’s largest nonprofit organization by building forward-leaning digital strategies and teams that led a digital transformation in a complex organization.

Most recently Alejandra conceived, built, managed and led a five-time-award winning social communications team whose chief objective was to build brand affinity for the nation's largest nonprofit organization.

Previously, Alejandra was the co-founder of an industry-leading in-house branded video content studio where she led the strategy & account management team. Her career began in public and media relations, providing executive positioning and thought leadership strategies for clients, as well as crisis communications management. 

Alejandra is also a Georgetown University digital communications strategies subject matter expert and adjunct professor, and a frequent speaker, panelist and guest lecturer on issues ranging from digital communications to personal branding.

She earned her Masters of Science in public relations at Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts in Mexican American Studies at the University of Arizona.

Alejandra was  an accomplished blogger and food writer with work featured on Food Network’s City Eats, and her own blog at She still loves food & drink, but prefers Instagram to blogging  about it these days. 

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