Spring Beauty Report: Going Deep Edition

Some time around December I became obsessed with moisture. Moisturizing my hair. Moisturizing my face. Moisturizing everything...because everything was so damn dry! My skin dried out before the day ended. My lips were chapped. My hair was brittle. It all just made me so sad. 

This round up is for all the ladies trying to find their way out of the winter doldrums and into that spring glow! 

I discovered these little face masks during a bad week when I need a little treat-yo-self indulgence that wasn't going to break the bank. At $6 a pop they certainly don't hurt the wallet and they deliver whatever brightening/revitalizing/deep moisturizing effect they promise.

I discovered CeraVe from a friend who would apply it every time we met. I tried it once out of sheer curiosity and it had more than one selling point: there's no scent to battle with your perfume of choice, no oily residue that takes forever to sink in and it has a deep moisturizing effect that lasts even through the repeated hand washings that cold season brought. I now apply it nightly on both hands and feet and there's a noticeable difference in the softness of both.

Okay, talk about buying things I don't need! This Bobbi Brown beach oil had been tantalizing me from afar all last year. The packaging was just so pretty, it inspired me to purchase. After many months of resisting and too many days with dried out skin, I gave in. Applied on damp skin, just after your shower it works wonders. Plus it has the kind of scent that takes you right to a warm day on the beach. 

I know this is weird since mandarine oranges aren't exactly a beauty product. A couple years ago, after eating two or three of these palm sized beauties a day, I realized my skin was absolutely glowing. In the dead of winter I had a freshness to my complexion that only a bronzer or brightener could bring. Since I was using neither, I deduced an extra dose of Vitamin C was the culprit. Instead of spending your hard earned mula on a Vitamin C serum, try giving yourself a dose from the inside out and see what happens. 

Sheer curiosity and a love for Nuxe's dry oil brought me to this stuff. Plus it was on sale one day at Target. Talk about packing a moisture punch. You don't need very much of this balm for it to do its job. I apply a little extra of this stuff every night before bed and wake up with silky soft lips. 

My afore mentioned brittle hair was driving me nuts and making me panic! I could see breakage in my hair each morning after straightening or drying my hair. I went to Sephora and bee-lined for the Living Proof section. I am 100% bought in on their products and have fallen for each one I've tried. Their Restore mask is no different - two times a week I use this as my standard conditioner and one night a week I leave it in for a half hour as a deep treatment. It's the only thing that's helped my hair make it to May.

These are my deep moisturizing go-tos for now, how about you guys? Any hidden gems I should know about? Let me know!