A Gift Guide To Last All Year Long

Everyone and their mom is publishing a gift guide but they all feel pointedly Christmas. I thought I'd pull together a wide ranging guide that you can bookmark and keep all year long. Plus, none of those January babies in your life want another food basket from Zabars. None of them. 

I hope these indoor/outdoor blankets are as functional as they are beautiful. I can already see myself, late summer, on the beach wrapped up in one....sigh. Oh! And they donate a blanket to a local homeless shelter for every blanket purchased. A feel good purchase in so many ways. 

I travel. Frequently enough that I totally understand the value of having plenty of modular storage options. But the more you travel the more you want those modular storage options to NOT be another Ziploc bag. This Baggu leather clutch would be great for storing make up, hair items or even electronics chargers/cords/plugs. 

I like a good inspirational poster. I like a good inspirational poster with a curse word on it. Who wouldn't!? This one is good for the folks in your life who have equal parts sass and ambition. 

When I read Anthology Magazine I just want my life to feel and look like what's in those pages. I love the stories, the profiles and the often hand made products this magazine features. Grab as many back issues as you can for the chill but stylish person in your life. 

Going along with that stylish individual theme, The Citizenry is one of my favorite shops of curated international goods. Not surprisingly, many of them are from Mexico and this colorful lumbar pillow will soon find a spot in my home. Not into the colors? The black and white version is also quite beautiful for the color averse among us. 

Not to brag, but I have some pretty brilliantly talented friends. Chief among them is Tia Perkin. She penned, illustrated and funded the publishing of Two!, a charming board book for your favorite two-year-old who also wreaks havoc on your home. It's based on the misadventures of her twin boys, who I love with all my heart, and it captures them perfectly. Get this for all the kids and parents on your list this year. 

Like I said, I travel a bunch. The Lo and Sons OG bag is a traveling lady's game changer. Stylish and sleek, it's a total sleeper since you can also easily pack a long weekend in the thing or pair it with a carry-on approved roller bag and pack a week's worth of I-don't-know-what-I'll-want-to-wear outfits, shoes and toiletries. Bonus: the bag is 25% during the holiday season, making it $221. 

Okay, this is gonna sound weird. These lightbulbs are amazing. Ever heard of the internet of things? No? Ok. How about wirelessly controlled lights? Yeah? And you're probably all like, "Oh why do I need that? That sounds silly." Don't make me wax poetic about how nice it is to wake up to a gentle simulated sunrise when it's 34 degrees out and dark as a cave. Or how you can set your lights to turn on when you're approaching your home (even nicer when it gets dark at 5:30pm, way before you ever get home)! Or how you can go full on mood lighting right from your phone while you sit on the couch and binge watch The Mindy Project. Not convinced? Psh. Don't even with me. 

I live and die by this stuff. In the winter it's a savior for my dry skin and my dry hair. In the summer, the subtle glittery version is my go-to before I walk out the door or walk onto the beach. It has a very gentle scent and has a dry powder finish that makes your hands and face feel all velvety. 

I love these little key tags inspired by old school hotel keys. Plus, it's a nice little nod to say, I was thinking of you, but you didn't break the bank doing so. 

Okay, I don't actually have this ring, but I want it. Someone, out there, if you really love me, you can get me this and I'll be the happiest girl in the world. The matching earrings are also gorgeous but I won't get greedy or anything. 

I have been using Deborah Lippmann's base and top coat for ages and love them. I'd happily welcome any of her iconic polishes into my collection, too. 

I'm planning a holiday party right now so I've got glassware and other classy bar items on the mind. These champagne coupes also double as super delicate cocktails glasses. Even better! From fizzy to old fashioned, these little diddies would be a welcome addition to my bar. 

All right, like I said, bookmark this. Return to it. Use it as your whole year gift guide...you'll never have to think about gifts in a pinch again!