A Summer Spent Well

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I didn't make New Year's resolutions this year, which I felt okay with. But when June hit and it seemed as though half the year had just flown by and I was just being tossed around in it like a rag doll I started to feel an itch, and maybe a little lack of purpose? I stumbled across Bleubird and her list of things welcoming summer and thought, that's just what I need! Maybe it will give me a little direction, a little sense of purpose again. Without going into much detail, I'm mostly DC-bound this year. Not much in terms of vacation or travel on the docket. When I realized that, I also realized I needed to make the most of being here. So here goes...a few reminders, a few affirmations...

Eating / fresh seafood, right out of the Chesapeake Bay. (Good thing I know a guy.)

Drinking / tequila & sodas with a lime.

Practicing / patience.

Mastering / a good habit.

Learning / to go easy on myself. (Still.)

Trying / standup paddleboarding.

Playing / Cards Against Humanity.

Finishing / my to-do lists. (Plural. Always.)

Reading / the huuuuge stack of magazines in my living room. And then the medium-sized stack of unread books next to it.

Remembering / that a night at home is just as good for me as a night out.

Wearing / running clothes more often. I'm definitely back in a running groove.

Cooking / more. Period. Cooking has lost its joy for me recently. (How sad is that?!)

Working / on being more open. (Still.)

Traveling / somewhere. Anywhere.

Wanting / more experiences and memories with my friends.

So, what's on your list for this summer?

Photo Credit: Me! (Alejandra Owens)